Proficiency Rating Program and Check Sample Task Force

NameAffiliaionPositionTerm StartTerm End
Jennifer Minh Chau DangPerkinElmer SydneyMember12/15/202012/31/2021160776
Diane L. GannonDiane Gannon, LLCMember12/10/202012/31/2021046365
Janette A. Gelroth Member12/10/202012/31/2021046470
Lindsey R. MullenbachGrain Millers, Inc.Member12/10/202012/31/2021212250
Kathryn S. Phillips Member12/10/202012/31/2021062337
Raymond D. ShillitoBASF LPMember12/10/202012/31/2021199507
John SzpylkaFood Safety Net ServicesMember12/10/202012/31/2021212314
Sheryl TittlemierCanadian Grain CommissionMember12/10/202012/31/2021215465
Jody BrunetteCereals & Grains AssociationStaff12/1/202012/31/2021229391
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