Methods Task Force

CHARGE: Assess and recommend changes to the Methods development process to increase the number of Methods and enhancements that are produced, reduce inefficient use of volunteer efforts, speed the release of Methods without any sacrifice to quality or credibility. Assess competitive programs and survey current and lapsed subscribers to determine appropriate changes to program, work with staff to create business plan. A goal is the approval of 15 new or revised methods in 2022.  
NameAffiliaionPositionTerm StartTerm End
Marta S. IzydorczykCanadian Grain Commission, Grain Research LaboratoryTask Force Lead3/1/202112/31/2022062198
Jayne E. BockWheat Marketing CenterMember3/1/202112/31/2022198548
Larisa CatoAustralian Export Grains Innovation Ctr - AEGICMember12/10/202012/31/2022184560
EB RussellDuPontMember3/1/202112/31/2022227221
Jo SmewingStable Micro SystemsMember12/10/202012/31/2022203106
Sheryl TittlemierCanadian Grain CommissionMember3/1/202112/31/2022215465
Jody BrunetteCereals & Grains AssociationStaff12/10/202012/31/2022229391
Kurt RoodCereals & Grains AssociationStaff4/7/202112/31/2022230764
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