Physical Testing Methods

The focus of the Physical Testing Methods Committee is the development of methods involving the physical characterization of flours, doughs, ingredients, grains and other raw materials, and finished?Êproducts. The results are related to fundamental aspects of cereal chemistry that can be used to predict processing end-use performance potential, and final product quality.Ê

NameAffiliationPositionTerm StartTerm End
Jayne E. BockWheat Marketing CenterChair10/31/201611/30/2024198548
Mia AndersenFoss AnalyticalMember8/1/201511/30/2024123096
Mia AndersenFoss AnalyticalMember8/1/201511/30/2024123096
Paul CliffeCalibre Control International LtdMember9/18/200911/30/2024200401
Arnaud DubatKPM AnalyticsMember10/3/200311/30/2024206185
Salvatore IaquezC W Brabender Instruments IncMember10/3/200311/30/2024231975
Katharina ScherfKarlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)Member8/1/201511/30/2024209624
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