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Beverage Industry Microfiltration
Beverage Industry Microfiltration

A one-stop source for quality information on beverage microfiltration.

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By Nathan Starbard

Nathan Starbard is Millipore Corporation’s manager for the North American beverage market. In this position he works with customers in the bottled water, wine, beer, soft drink, and spirits industries to expand their understanding of filtration technology, develop new applications within industry, as well as perform troubleshooting and optimization of beverage filtration processes. He was previously the lead engineer for food and beverage applications within North America. Prior to Millipore, Nathan held positions at E. & J. Gallo Winery including serving in Process Engineering/R&D where responsibilities included filtration related applications within wine, spirits, and grape juice manufacturing, and as a Technical Production Manager responsible for the world’s largest single site beverage microfiltration department. Nathan holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Beverage Industry Microfiltration covers the engineering basics of microfiltration and presents a detailed understanding of the filtration media, filter formats, and equipment. The proper operation and monitoring of filtration processes are fully covered. Specific applications and industry examples are given for the primary beverage microfiltration markets, including the beer, wine, bottled water, spirits, dairy, soft drinks, sports drinks, and juice industries.

This book can serve as a general learning tool; troubleshooting reference; filtration process optimization guide; means for selecting the proper filtration media/format; design and sizing guide for filtration equipment; and as a reference for new applications. Unlike any previous book on microfiltration, Beverage Industry Microfiltration is completely geared towards the beverage industry and its unique challenges.

Beverage Industry Microfiltration


Principles of Filtration
Beverage Contaminants
Plugging Component Analysis
FCA CFR 21 Guidelines

Cartridge Filters

System Operation
Common Cartridge Failure Modes

Sheet and Lenticular Filters

Filtration Media
Sheet Filters
Lenticular Filters
Manufacturers and Distributors

Bag Filters

System Operation
Bag Filter Manufacturers and Distributors

Crossflow (Tangential Flow Filtration) Systems

Crossflow Systems
Crossflow Formats and Media
System Operation

Filtration System Selection and Design

Determining the Filtration Stage(s)
Determining the Format of Filtration
System Sizing
Auxiliary Equipment Design and Selection
Parallel Filter Skids
CIP Design
System Manufacturers and Suppliers

General Industry Filtration Processes

Bottle Washing
Facilities Water
Microfiltration in the Lab
Gas Filtration
Vent Filtration
SIP Solutions and Chemicals

Wine Industry

Gas and Air Filtration
Specialty Applications
Process Testing: Filterability (Fining) Index
Miscellaneous Considerations

Beer Industry

Clarification and Trap Filtration
Final Filtration
CO2 Filtration
Specialty Applications
Miscellaneous Considerations

Bottled Water Industry

Final Filtration
Cryptosporidium and Giardia Control
Specialty Products
Process Testing: Silt Density Index (SDI)
RO and Distilled Water
Bottled Water Industry Standards

Spirits Industries

Particle Filtration
Microbial Filtration
Emerging Products
Miscellaneous Considerations

Dairy Industry

Microfiltration for Increased Shelf Life
Microfiltration in Conjunction with UF and RO
Specialty Applications
Dairy Tank Vent Filtration

Soft and Sports Drinks Industries

Soft Drinks
Sports Drinks

Juice Industry

Flavor, Neutraceutical, and Niche Applications

Ready-to-Drink Teas and Coffee Beverages
Sucrose and Liquid Sugar or Sugar Substitute Filtration
Peppermint and Spearmint Oils
Seafood Broths and Juices
Olive Oil

Publish Date: 2008
Format: 6” x 9” hardcover
Pages: 292
Publication Weight: 2 lbs

By Nathan Starbard

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