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International Wheat Quality Conference Proceedings (IWQCIII)
International Wheat Quality Conference Proceedings (IWQCIII)

Covers the most important areas concerned with wheat quality.

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This book focuses on the unique structure and functionality of wheat, as well as its unique applications. The most important and current issues on the topic are discussed making it a valuable resource for those involved in all segments of the wheat industry including product quality, genetics, production, storage, marketing and utilization.

The topics covered include: the uniqueness of wheat, biotechnology, new challenges in carbohydrates, the structure and functionality of wheat proteins, large and small deformation rheological testing, rapid prediction of wheat quality, a global perspective of quality standards and marketing, and the future of wheat. 

The book is based on the research presented at the third International Wheat Quality Conference. The organizers of the IWQCIII, saw this conference and this resulting publication as a vehicle for senior researchers in the cereal science community to pass the baton to the new generation of cereal scientists. Many of the Organizing and Scientific Committee members involved in the conference and book have been involved in cereal chemistry, science, and technology for over 25 years. A final summary of the conference and all of the topics discussed is provided by R. Carl Hoseney, a recognized leader in the field.

International Wheat Quality Conference Proceedings (IWQCIII)

Wheat Is Unique

International Wheat Market

Overview and Trends

The Importance of Wheat and Grain Based Foods

Past and Present

The Physicochemical Properties of Wheat
Using Wheat Quality Measures to Predict Swine Performance
Facilitator Discussion Direction

Biotechnology: A Tool for Wheat Improvement

Molecular Markers, Wheat Quality and Accelerated Breeding Technologies
Proteins, Hardness and Allergens
Carbohydrate Modification to Add Value to Wheat Grain
New Approaches to Overcome Fusarium Head Blight
Breeding Wheat for Quality and the Role of Biotechnology
Facilitator Discussion Direction

New Challenges in Carbohydrates

Co-Chair Introduction
Development and Characteristics of Waxy Winter Wheats
Arabinoxylans and Endoxylanases in Wheat Processing
Is There Such a Thing as Good or Bad Carbohydrate in Wheat-Based Foods?
Wheat Straw

An Underused Lignocellulosic Raw Material
Facilitator Discussion Direction

Wheat Proteins: Structure and Functionality

The Structure of Gliadin and Glutenin
Genetic Polymorphism of Gluten Proteins and Its Utilization for Wheat Quality Improvement
Biosynthesis of Gliadins and Glutenin Subunits During Grain Development Under Different Environmental Conditions
Studying Gluten Functionality
From Gluten Structure to Gluten Function

Current Perspectives

Facilitator Discussion Direction

Large and Small Deformation Rheological Testing

Linear Viscoelastic Measurements and Network Structures

General Comments and Relevance to Gluten Molecular Structures

Large Deformation Rheological Testing of Doughs

Rheological and Polymer Molecular Structure-Function Relationships in Breadmaking

Novel Methods to Measure Dough Rheology
Dough Processing and Large Deformation Investigations

A Rheological and Structural Approach

Role of Rheology in Determining Wheat Gluten Quality
Facilitator Discussion Direction

Rapid Prediction of Wheat Quality

Importance of Rapid End-Use Quality Measurement of Wheat

Processor’s View

Predicting Grain, Flour, and Bread Quality Using NIR Spectroscopy
Up and Coming Methods and Instrumentation for End-Use Wheat Quality Measurements
Issues When Implementing Methods for End-Use Quality Measurements
Facilitator Discussion Direction

Banquet Address

Cancer Suppression Benefits from Whole Wheat

Quality Standards and Marketing: Global Perspectives

Trends in Demand for Wheat
Wheat Quality

Trends in Wheat-Producing Developing Countries

Classification of Argentinean Wheat
International Quality Standards – A Seller’s Perspective
Standardized and Validated Rapid Methods – A Realistic Option?
Facilitator Discussion Direction

Closing Address: Summation and Significance of the Conference


Publish Date: 2005
Format: 6" x 9" softcover
Pages: 425
Publication Weight: 2 lbs

Edited by O.K. Chung and G.L. Lookhart

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