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Food Trends and the Changing Consumer
Food Trends and the Changing Consumer

"...this book is well written for those who would like to have a general idea about consumer trends, food consumption, nutrition, and the food industry."
—The Journal of the Agricultural Economics Research

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What are the real trends and traditions in the American diet? How are U.S. demographics changing and how will they impact food consumption? How do consumers view food product attributes, packaging, advertising, and brands? What can economics tell us about the changing consumer?

Drawing from deomgraphic data, marketing and economic theory, and consumer behavior and lifestyle research, the authors of this book examine the underlying forces that influence these aspects of food production and the resulting implications for the entire food industry--from producer to retailer.

Professionals, educators, and researchers throughout the food industry will find this a ready resource for current information on food consumption patterns, consumer behavior, and the food industry.

Food Trends and the Changing Consumer

Introduction: Major Trends in a Consumer-Driven Food System

Demographic Factors, Lifestyles, and Market Segmentation
Working Women and Convenience
Changing Eating Patterns
Food Safety, Nutrition, and Health
Food Retailing Changes
Attributes, Packaging, Advertising, and Brands
Agricultural Production
A Glance at the Other Chapters

Trends and Traditions in the American Diet

Long-Run Trends
Diet and Health
Trends that Affect Eating Behavior
Global Food Trends
General Implications

Demographic Trends Foretell Food Trends

Projected Changes in Food Expenditures
Population Growth
Ethnic Diversity
Regional Differences
Household Composition
An Aging Population
Education--Income Trends
Labor Force Participation
General Implications

Disparate Lifestyles

General Classification Systems
Specific Classification Systems

Food Economics: Insightful and Not So Arcane

Engl's Insights: Income and Food Consumption
The Role of Prices
General Implications

The Food Consumer: New Economic Perspectives

Becker's Theory: The Importance of Convenience
Lancaster's Model: Foods as Bundles of Characteristics
Being Informed: Valuable but Costly
General Implications

Data: Where We Get the Facts

Time-Series Food Consumption and Expenditure Data
Cross-Sectional Data and Food Consumption and Expenditures
Sources of Cross-Sectional Data
General Implications

Older Americans and Their Food Habits

A Profile of the Elderly
Old Food Habits Meet New Food Needs
Help the Needy
General Implications

The Forgotten Poor and Their Food Problems

Hunger and Poverty
Nutrition and Health Problems of the Poor
Food Assistance Programs
General Implications

Food Safety: A Growing Concern

Various Perspectives on Food Safety
Food Safety Regulation and the Policy Process
Deciding What is Safe
Perceptions of Risk
The Issue of Confidence and Trust
Consumer Information as a Remedy
Current Food Safety Issues
General Implications

The Food Industry: An Overview and Implications of Consumer Trends

A Brief Overview of the Food System
Food Processing and Manufacturing
Food Wholesaling
Food Retailing
A Historical Perspective


"An excellent overview."
—Journal of the American Dietetic Association

" will be particularly useful for professionals in management, marketing, and technical positions in the food industry."
—International Food Ingredients

" excellent overview of trends through 1990...Dietitians and nutrition educators will find the book helpful for understanding major factors that affect food choices and eating patterns."
—Journal of the American Dietetic Association

"...recommended reading for marketing executives, strategy planners, and others concerned with the direction the food industry will take in the future."
—Food Australia 

"...this book is well written for those who would like to have a general idea about consumer trends, food consumption, nutrition, and the food industry."
—The Journal of the Agricultural Economics Research

"...particularly useful for dietetics professionals who consult or free-lance in non-traditional roles. Practitioners in nutrition counseling, health care and education will also gain valuable insight to consumer behavior from this well documented, keenly written resource."
—Consulting Nutritionists

" would be a good supplement to college-level courses in nutrition, agriculture, economics, food science, and consumer economics...would also be of interest to academic nutritionists, researchers in agricultural and applied economics, and anyone who is interested in food trends and the consumers' changing food habits."
—Journal of the Nutritional Education

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Publish Date: 1991
Format: 6" × 9" hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-9624407-2-4
Pages: 385
Publication Weight: 2 lbs

By Ben Senauer, Elaine Asp, and Jean Kinsey

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