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Dietary Fiber in Health and Disease
Dietary Fiber in Health and Disease

"Provides a wealth of information and is well worth acquiring."
—Food Australia

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This book is based on research presented at the Vahouny Fiber Symposium, Washington, D.C. and presents findings on the role of fiber in health and disease including lipid absorption, carbohydrate metabolism, physiology and morphology, and cancer.

Because it examines not only fiber as it exists in food, but also the dynamics of fiber and the human diet, Dietary Fiber in Health and Disease is an essential reference for professionals from a variety of disciplines, including:

  • Biochemists
  • Epidemiologists
  • Physiologists
  • Nutritionists
  • Gastroenterologists

The contributions of more than thirty of the world's leading fiber researchers have been compiled in this one comprehensive resource.

Dietary Fiber in Health and Disease

I. Health Benefits

Historical Aspects

Denis Burkitt

Dietary Fiber in Health and Disease: The South African Experience

Alexander R.P. Walker

The Structure of Dietary Fibre

D.A.T. Southgate

Fiber in Foods

Edwin R. Morris

Fiber as Energy Man

Geoffrey Liversey

The Physiological Effects of Dietary Fiber

Christine A. Edwards

Modulations of Intestinal Development by Dietary Fiber Regimens

Marie M. Cassidy and Leo R. Fitzpatrick

II. Lipids and Nutrient Metabolism

Effect of Dietary Fiber on Alimentary Lipemia

Barbara O. Schneeman

Dietary Fiber and Lipid Absorption: Interference of Chitosan and Its Hydrolysates with Cholesterol and Fatty Acid Absorption and Metabolic Consequences in Rats

Ikuo Ikeda, Michihiro Sugano, Katsuko Yoshida, Eiji Sasaki, Yasushi Iwamoto, and Kouta Hatano

The Role of Viscosity in the Cholesterol-Lowering Effect of Dietary Fiber

Daniel D. Gallaher and Craig H. Hassel

Fat/Fiber Interactions: Effect on Colon Physiology and Colonic Cytokinetics

Joanne R. Lupton

Cholesterol-Lowering Effects of Soluble Fiber in Humans

James W. Anderson

Dietary Fiber, Carbohydrate Metabolism and Diabetes

David J.A. Jenkins, Alexandra L. Jenkins, Thomas M.S. Wolever, Vladimir Vuksan, A. Venket Rao, Lilian U. Thompson, and Robert G. Josse

Dietary Fiber and Protein Digestion and Utilization

Bjorn O. Eggum

III. Fiber and Cancer

Fiber and Cancer: Prevention Research

Peter Greenwald and Carolyn Clifford

Fiber and Cancer: Historical Perspectives

John Higginson

Dietary Fiber and Colon Cancer Risk: The Epidemiologic Evidence

Tim Byers

Your Mother was Right - Eat Your Vegetables: The Role of Plant Foods in Cancer

John D. Potter and Kristi Steinmetz

The Polyp Prevention Trial: Rationale and Design

Arthur Schatzkin, Elaine Lanza, and Laura Kruse

ECP Trial of Fibre in Precancerous Lesion of the Large Bowel

Michael J. Hill

IV. Fiber's Nutritional Effects

Dietary Fiber and Digestive Tract Disorders

Albert I. Mendeloff

Dietary Fiber and the Pattern of Energy Intake

Victoria J. Burley and John E. Blundell

Effect of Dietary Fiber on Intestinal Microflora and Health

A.V. Rao

Dietary Fiber and Mineral Nutrition

Dennis T. Gordon, Dan Stoops, and Vicki Ratliff

Effects of Lignans and Other Dietary Estrogens

Kenneth D.R. Setchell

Phytic Acid and Other Nutrients: Are They Partly Responsible for Health Benefits of High Fiber Foods?

Lilian U. Thompson

V. Fiber Effects/In Vivo and In Vitro Laboratory Models

Comparative Aspects of Animal Models

P.J. Van Soest

Propionate as a Mediator of the Effects of Dietary Fiber

David L. Topping

In Vitro Methods That Anticipate the Colonic Influence of Dietary Fibre

W. Gordon Brydon

Fiber and Aspects of Lipid and Cholesterol Metabolism

David Kritchevsky

In Vitro and In Vivo Models for Predicting the Effect of Dietary Fiber and Starchy Foods on Carbohydrate Metabolism

Thomas M.S. Wolever

Animal Models of Obesity: Diet, Inactivity, and Genetics

Linda J. Magrum, Barbara A. Horwitz, and Judith S. Stern

Animal Models of Colon Cancer

David M. Klurfeld

Workshop Summaries

Summary Report of Dietary Fiber Analysis Workshop

Judith A. Marlett

Fiber and the GI Microflora

Abigail A. Salyers

Dietary Fiber and Gastrointestinal Function

Martin A. Eastwood

Design of Human Studies to Determine the Effect of Fiber on Serum Lipids in Relation to Blood Lipids, Fecal Bulking, Glycemic Control or Bodyweight

David J.A. Jenkins

Short-Chain Fatty Acids - Research and Clinical Updates

John L. Rombeau and Jonathan A. Roth

Bile Acids

Jon A. Story

Resistant Starch

Alison M. Stephen

Dietary Fiber and Body Weight Management

Charles T. Bonfield

Public Aspects

Food Industry Perspective: Functional Properties and Food Uses of Dietary Fiber

Mark L. Dreher

Future Research in Dietary Fibre?

Martin Eastwood

"Provides a wealth of information and is well worth acquiring."
—Food Australia
Publish Date: 1994
Format: 6"x 9" hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-9624407-6-2
Pages: 300
Publication Weight: 3 lbs

Edited by David Kritchevsky and Charles Bonfield

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