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Probability and Statistics of Cereals and Grains
Probability and Statistics of Cereals and Grains

  • Contains examples from actual experience in the field to illustrate approaches to problem-solving

  • Features recommendations on which tests and graphs to use and what to look for in the results

  • Presents considerations to direct readers to effective tools and practices and suggests ways to streamline their own evaluation and decision-making

  • Includes an appendix that provides readers with datasets and graphs that relate to specific content in chapters

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By Terry C. Nelsen

Terry Nelsen has served as a statistical resource for AACCI–Cereals & Grains Association for many years. In addition to being a team member on many research and technical projects, he continues as a consultant to the Approved Methods Technical Committees. He organized and was the initial chair of the Statistics Committee, and he is a long-time member of the Check Sample Committee. He organized and presented many stats symposia at association meetings. Retired from USDA-ARS, he stays active with AACCI–Cereals & Grains Association, does a bit of stats consulting, and enjoys life on a small farm in northwestern Illinois.

Affiliations and expertise

Formerly USDA-ARS, AACCI Life Member, IL, USA

Probability and Statistics for Cereals and Grains: A Guide to Measurement and Analysis is a guide to help technical people be more efficient users of statistics. Author Terry C. Nelsen uses examples from his 35-plus years of experience in the field and presents the appropriate statistics and graphics to use when evaluating data. Researchers, academicians, students, technicians, processors, laboratory personnel, and those working in QA/QC will benefit from this much needed reference.

Probability and Statistics for Cereals and Grains: A Guide to Measurement and Analysis

1. Measurement
2. Normal Distribution
3. Means, Medians, and Quartiles
4. Outliers
5. Sampling
6. Probability
7. Non-Normal Distribution
8. Comparisons
9. Correlation
10. Regression
11. Small Concentrations

Publish Date: 2023
Format: 6” x 9” softcover
ISBN: 978-0-323917-24-7
Pages: 234

By Terry C. Nelsen

Probability and Statistics of Cereals and Grains: A Guide to Measurement and Analysis

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