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"...well presented with plenty of illustrations, useful reference and troubleshooting tables, excellent starter recipes and it is very easy to read (a rare achievement for a book on hydrocolloids!)"
—CyberColloids Technical Review


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Hydrocolloids brings together essential information on these fundamental ingredients, which are used in many food products. This handbook presents the basic facts about hydrocolloids as well as giving practical advice on their uses in many foods, including: frozen desserts, cultured products, flavored milk, processed fruit, beverages, confections, sauces, dressings, tomato-based products, processed meat, fat replacers, and bakery foods. To make technical topics understandable to a broader audience, the handbook features clearly written text filled with many easy-to-use tables and illustrations. Concise troubleshooting guides are available for those dealing with product quality or production issues. For quick reference, definitions of key terms appear in the margins of pages throughout the text and in the book’s glossary.

Coverage of product applications and problem resolution, as well as general observations, information on specific hydrocolloids, and testing make Hydrocolloids a must-have for food industry professionals. Everyone from new product developers to technical sales personnel will find answers to specific gum application questions in this one-stop, practical ingredient handbook. Topics covered in Hydrocolloids include:

  • Hydrocolloid chemistry
  • Sourcing of raw materials
  • Viscosity and gel strength measuring techniques
  • Selection of hydrocolloids for specific applications
  • Comparison of functional hydrocolloid properties
  • Troubleshooting

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Hydrocolloids Handbook

Introduction to Food Hydrocolloids

Water “Organizing”
Effects of Hydrocolloid Structure
Gum Combinations
Formulating with Gums

Hydrocolloid Sources, Processing, and Characterization

Seed and Root Hydrocolloids

guar gum
locust bean gum
Tara gum
konjac flour

Exudate Hydrocolloids

gum arabic
gum tragacanth
gum karaya

Extract Hydrocolloids

seaweed extracts
plant and animal extracts

Microbiological Hydrocolloids

xanthan gum
gellan gum

Cellulose Derivative Hydrocolloids
Other Derivative Hydrocolloids

Functions and Properties

Hydrocolloid Dispersion and Hydration
Thickening Agents Versus Gelling Agents

gelling agents
thickening agents

Importance of the Uniformity of Substitution
Compatibility of Hydrocolloid Combinations
Relative Cost of Hydrocolloids

Testing and Rheological Measurement

A Quick Lesson in Rheology
Types of Rheological Measurement Devices

gel strength measuring devices
other rheological instruments

Hydrocolloid Specifications

Selecting Hydrocolloids for Food Applications

Improving Stability

heat stability
separation over time
undesirable crystal growth over time
dairy products containing protein

Creating and Improving Texture

thickening agents
gelling agents

Improving Both Texture and Stability
Improving Nutrition

Dairy Products and Related Applications

Frozen Desserts
Cultured Milk Products
Yogurt-Juice and Milk-Juice Drinks
Chocolate and Flavored Milks
Ready-to-Eat Milk-Based Desserts

Processed Fruit, Confectionery, and Beverages

Processed Fruit

jam, jellies, and preserves
yogurt fruit and ice cream ripples
bakery fillings

Nondairy Fruit-Flavored Beverages

Other Food Applications

Salad Dressings
Tomato- and Mustard-Based Products
Processed Meat Products
Baked Goods
Hydrocolloid-Based Fat Replacers
Pancake Syrup
Pet Food
Water Gel Desserts


"...well presented with plenty of illustrations, useful reference and troubleshooting tables, excellent starter recipes and it is very easy to read (a rare achievement for a book on hydrocolloids!)"
—CyberColloids Technical Review

"...user friendly giving expert guidance solving the problems of many professionals."
—Beverage & Food World

Publish Date: 2004
Format: 8” x 10” softcover
ISBN: 978-1-891127-38-0
Pages: 111
Publication Weight: 1 lbs

By Andrew Hoefler

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