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Dietary Fiber: An International Perspective
Dietary Fiber: An International Perspective

Contains the proceedings of a symposium on dietary fiber.

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The book contains the proceedings of the Symposium on Dietary Fiber—With Emphasis on Energy Value. Dietary fiber is and will remain an important nutrient for better nutrition and health. This book is grouped into four areas of emphasis: definitions of dietary fiber and methods of analysis, reviews on the energy values of dietary fiber, physiological effects of dietary fiber, and dietary fiber as a food ingredient.

Dietary Fiber: An International Perspective for Harmonization of Health Benefits and Energy Values provides clarity to resolving the international discussion of issues for the reconsideration and verification of the concept of “dietary fiber” and the establishment of its definition. In addition, this book hopes to help consumers gain an accurate understanding of “dietary fiber,” and to facilitate its safe use for the promotion of health and the prevention and treatment of disease.

Dietary Fiber: An International Perspective for Harmonization of Health Benefits and Energy Values

Photo of the Speakers
Welcome Address

Eijiro Matsutani

Keynote Address

Norimasa Hosoya

Section 1

Definitions, Analytical Methods, and Energy Value of Dietary Fiber

Definitions and Analysis of Dietary Fiber—Especially in Europe

Nils-Georg Asp

Current Status of the Definition of Dietary Fiber in the United States and the Science Behind the Recommendation for Fiber

Joanne R. Lupton

Today’s Circumstances and Problems of Dietary Fiber in Japan—Definition, Analytical Methods and Energy Value

Kazuhiko Yamada

Dietary Fiber and Available Carbohydrates

Barry V. McCleary and Patricia C. Rossiter

Section 2

Estimation of Energy Value for Dietary Fiber

INFOODS, FAO and CODEX: Positions on the Energy Value of Dietary Fiber

Barbara Burlingame and Ruth Charrondiere

Energy Concept of Dietary Fiber

Geoffrey Livesey

Scientific and Methodological Considerations About Assessment of Dietary Fiber Energy Value

Michel Vermorel

Methods for Estimation of Energy Content of Dietary Fiber—Advantages and Disadvantages

David J. Baer and William V. Rumpler

In Vitro and In Vivo Utilization of Glucose-Based Oligosaccharides

L. K. Karr-Lilienthal, E. A. Flickinger, B. W. Wolf, J. Chow, and G. C. Fahey, Jr.

Estimation of Metabolizable Energy of Resistant Maltodextrin by Indirect Calorimetry in Healthy Human Subjects and Experimental Animals

Toshinao Goda, Yuya Kajiya, Kazuhito Suruga, and Hiroyuki Tagami

Section 3

Physiological Effects of Dietary Fiber

Glycemic Index, Dietary Fiber, and Human Health: An Historical Perspective

David J. A. Jenkins, Livia S. A. Augustin, Amin Esfahani, and Cyril W. C. Kendall

What is Resistant Maltodextrin? Process, Structure, and Properties

Kazuhiro Okuma

The Physiological Functions of Resistant Maltodextrin: A Short Review

Yuka Kishimoto

Non-digestible Carbohydrates, Obesity, and Plasma Lipids

Christine A. Edwards, Alexander Laurentin, Subashini Kilaru, and Dalia Malkova

Effects of Dietary Fiber on Human Obesity

Katsuto Tokunaga

Section 4

Dietary Fiber as a Food Ingredient

Resistant Maltodextrin: Its Safety and Use in Foods

Chieko Hashizume

Closing Address

Yoshio Ikeda

Publish Date: 2008
Format: 6" x 9" hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-891127-60-1
Pages: 232
Images: 37 black and white images
Publication Weight: 2 lbs

Edited by Dennis T. Gordon and Toshinao Goda

Dietary Fiber: An International Perspective for Harmonization of Health Benefits and Energy Values

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