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Wheat Science Dynamics: Challenges and Opportunities
Wheat Science Dynamics: Challenges and Opportunities

Learn how scientists are meeting the needs of consumers through improved wheat quality. Proceedings from the International Wheat Quality Conference - IV.

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Anyone working with wheat will benefit from this limited edition reference. Editors, Chibbar and Dexter have brought together the world experts in six topic areas: trends in international market and trade, food safety and security, grain fractionation and processing, enzymes, dough rheology, bio-products, health and wellness, and the application of biotechnology and genomics for wheat improvements to meet the needs of wheat consumers. The book's nearly 700 pages and 78 chapters are based on the research presented at the Fourth International Wheat Quality Conference.

Wheat Science Dynamics: Challenges and Opportunities

I. Welcome Session

International Wheat Quality Conference: A Historical Perspective

Kim Chung

Opening Keynote Address Perambulations Through a Wheat Field

Donald Mennel

II. International Markets, Trade, Food Safety and Security

The Transition to Export Market Deregulation in Australia

Robert L. Cracknell

Wheat Marketing and Trade in Argentina

Maria Laura Seghezzo and Martha Cuniberti

Challenges and Opportunities for Marketing of U.S. Northern Grown Wheat

Brian Sorenson

History of Canada Western Hard Red Spring Wheat Improvement in Canada

R.M. DePauw

Food Safety Issues and Cereal Grains: A Global Perspective

David R. Lineback

Grain Safety Assurance for International Wheat Marketing: Drivers, Complications and Challenges

Tom Nowicki

European Safety and Security Perspective of Wheat and Wheat Based Food

Meinolf G. Lindhauer

Ruptured Kernels and Their Impact on Wheat Processing Quality

Nancy M. Edwards and Norm Woodbeck

III. Grain Fractionation and Processing

Impact of New Tool Development to Study Wheat Grain Fractionation and Control the Product Quality

V. Lullien-Pellerin, J. Abecassis, C. Barron, C. Desvignes, A. Duri, V. Greffeulle, Y. Hemery, F. Mabille, M. Martelli, G. Rios, X. Rouau, A. Sadoudi and M.F. Samson

The Factors Affecting Digestibility in Vitro of A and B Granular Starch from Soft and Hard Wheat Flour

Q. Liu, Z. Gu, E. Donner, I. Tetlow and M. Emes

Relationships of Polymeric Proteins with Dough and Bread Making Quality in a Recombinant Inbred Population of Hard Red Spring Wheat

Toi J. Tsilo, Jae Bom Ohm, Gary A. Hareland and James A. Anderson

Effects of Suni-Bug Damage on Bread Wheats (Triticum aestivum L.) and Durum Wheats (Triticum turgidum L. var durum)

Hamit Koksel, Tulin Ozderen, Burcu Olanca, Dilek Silvri Ozay and Turgay Sanal

Enzymes as Replacers for Chemical Oxidants to Improve Flour Functionality

Michael Tilley and Shivananda K. Garimella Purna

High Quality Wheat Flour vs. Enzyme Improver Use What’s the Balance?

Lisa J. Nemeth and Graham C. Worden

Transglutaminase: a Promising Enzyme for Cereal Products

A. Basman, H. Koksel and P.K.W. Ng

Wheat Gluten: From an Agro-Industrial Co-Product to Bio-Based, Disposable, High Performance Materials

Bert Lagrain, Bart Goderis, Mario Smet, Jan A. Delcour, Kristof Brijs, Peter Van Puyvelde, Ignaas Verpoest, Aart Willem Van Vuure and Karel Van Acker

Integrated Wheat Based Biorefinery: Production of Cellulase Enzyme System and Ethanol From Wheat Bran and Straw

Sunil Bansal, Khushal Brijwani, Praveen V. Vadlani and Ronald Madl

Kernel Quality of Hard Red Spring Wheat Damaged by the Orange Wheat Blossom Midget Insect

D. Fenn, O.M. Lukow, C. Vera, R. DePauw, S. Fox, M. Smith, I. Wise and Procunier

Bran Characteristics and Wheat Performance in Whole Wheat Bread

Marie Eve Seyer and Pierre Gelinas

Effect of Short Term Storage for the Wheat Quality Parameters

Erno Gyimes, Antal Veha and Balazs P. Szabo

Characterization of a Rice Based Pasta: Comparison with Conventional Semolina Pasta

Alessandra Marti, Rosita Caramanico, Gabriella Bottega, Kaoushik Seetharaman and M. Ambrogina Pagani

Characterization of the Mechanical Properties of Yellow Alkaline (Chinese) Noodles Using Low Intensity Ultrasound

G.G. Bellido and D.W. Hatcher

Impact of Granulation and Protein Content on the Sedimentation of Wheat

Simone Seling and Meinolf G. Lindhauer

Solvent Effects on the Structure of Gliadin Molecules as Revealed by Adiabatic Compressibility Measurements

Zhuo Zhang and Martin G. Scanlon

Fine Structure Elucidation of Starch Granules Using Atomic Force Microscopy

Jason Maley, Eric K. Asare, Monica Baga, Brian G. Rossnagel, Ravindra N. Chibbar and Ramaswami Sammynaiken

Use of Iodine Vapour as a Tool to Understand the Architectural Development of Starch Granules During Maturity

R.N. Waduge and K. Seetharaman

Hard White Wheat 2003-2007: Association of Snowbird Seed Color With End Product Quality

O.M. Lukow, K. Adams and D. Fenn

Morphological Observations of Starch Granules During Endosperm Development and Seed Germination in Triticale

Chun Yan Li, Wei Hua Li, Byron Lee, Andre Laroche, Lian Pu Cao and Zhen Xiang Lu

Characterization of Barley Lines with Altered Granule Size Distribution

Sarita Jaiswal, Monica Baga, Brian G. Rossnagel and Ravindra N. Chibbar

IV. Dough Rheology

Using Low Frequency Ultrasound to Evaluate the Properties of Wheat Flour Doughs

Martin G. Scanlon, John H. Page, Valentin Leroy, Yuanzhong Fan, Hussein Elmehdi, Anna Kiefte and Keyur L. Mehta

Novel High Fibre Wheat Goods From Diluted Matrices: Viscoelastic Network, Functional and Technological Aspects

C. Collar C and A. Angioloni

Bakery Ingredients Assessed in Dough Rheology: Importance of a Temperature Variation on a Dough

Charles Loubersac D’Hotel and Arnaud Dubat

Potential use of the Elastic Properties of Intact Wheat Kernels to Estimate Millings, Rheological and Breadmaking Quality of Wheat

J.D.C. Figueroa, B. Ramfrez-Wong, J. Pena, K. Khan and P. Rayas-Duarte

Large Deformation Elasticity of Gluten

Steven Mulvaney, Jou-His Chen, Dongjun Zhao, B. Allvin, Rangan Chinnaswamy, Patricia Rayas-Duarte, Patrick McCluskey, Stephen Delwich and Brad Seabourn

The Utility of the Mixolab in the Measurement of Dough Properties and Potential Baking Quality of Wheat Flour

L. Cato and G.B. Crosbie

Noodle Texture Measurement: Moving From Empirical to Fundamental Mechanical (Rheological) Testing

David W. Hatcher and Guillermo G. Bellido

Effect of Microwave Irradiation on the Elastic Properties of Cereal Kernels and its Relation to Quality

P. Lopez Perea, J.D.C. Figueroa, A. Rodriguez Chong and Z.J. Hermandez Estrada

Comaring Mixolab Parameters Obtained with Conventional Slow and Accelerated Testing Protocols

R.J. Pena and G. Posadas Romano

Utilization of Mixolab for Bread Making Quality Prediction

Melanie Caffe, Karl Glover and Padmanaban Krishnan

The Effects of Mixing Time and Ingredients on Dough Properties as Assessed with Ultrasound

Martin G. Scanlon, Keyur L. Mehta, Harry D. Sapirstein and John H. Page

Examining the Effect of Dough Matrix and Bubbles on the Properties of Dough Using Low Intensity Ultrasound

Martin G. Scanlon, John H. Page, Valentin Leroy, Hussein M. Elmehdi, Yuanzhong Fan and Keyur L. Mehta

The Complex Shear Modulus of Dough Over a Wide Frequency Range

Martin G. Scanlon, Valentin Leroy, Karen M. Pitura and John H. Page

Some Observations on Dough Relaxation: The Effect of Bubbles

Martin G. Scanlon, Yuanzhong Fan and John H. Page

V. Health and Wellness

Understanding Consumer Perceptions About Wheat and Health

Mary Ellen Camire

Health Grain: Increasing the Health Benefits of Wheat

Huw Dones, Kurt Gebruers, Jane Ward and Peter R. Shewry

Whole Grain Structure, Processing and Nutrition: What Do We Need to Know

Gary Fulcher and Trust Beta

Bioactive Components in Wheat Grains and Their Products

Marina Carcea, Alessandra Durazzo, Anna Raguzzini, Elena Azzini, Maria Stella Foddal and Giuseppe Malani

Arabinoxyulan-Oligosaccharides (AXOS): A New Cereal Derived Class of Prebiotics?

Christophe M. Courtin, Valerie Vam Craeyveld, Willem F, Broekaert and Jan A. Delcour

Health Aspects of Regular Versus Whole Wheat Spaghetti

Rhanissa Hirawan and Trust Beta

Scannning Electron Microscope-Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analysis of Phytic Acid and Mineral Sand Nutritional Changes in Germinating Wheat Grains

Nidhi Rawat, Kumari Neelam, Vijay Kumar Tiwari, Gursham Sijgh Randhawa and Harcharan Singh Dhaliwal

Effects of Baking Conditions on Niacin and Folic Acid Contents of Brads Produced from Fortified Flour

B. Bilgi Boyaci, S. Celik and H. Koksel

VI. Biotechnology, Genomics and Crop Improvement

Wheat Genome and Gene Analysis

Bikram S. Gill, Sunish K, Sehgal, Bernd Friebe and Eduard Akhunov

Wheat Genomics for Grain Quality Improvement

Robert Henry and Agnelo Furtado

What Genomics Tells Us About the Structure And Evolution of the Wheat Seed Proteins

Olin D. Anderson, Yong Q. Gu and Gerard R. Lazo

Biochemical, Genetic and Molecular Insights on Starch Biosynthesis in Cereals: A Means to Quality Improvement

Ian J. Tetlow, Fushan Liu, Amina Makhmoudova and Michael J. Emes

Identification of Genomic Regions Associated with Starch Swelling Properties of Hexaploid wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Grain

Omid ansari, Monica Baga, Neil K. Howes and Ravindra N. Chibbar

Discovery of a New Puroindoline B-Gene in Wheat

Craog F. Morris, Feng Chen and Brian S. Beecher

Development and Characterization of Wheat Aegilops Amphiploids and Interspecific Derivatives with High Grain iron and Zinc Content

Harcharan S. Daliwal, Nidhi Rawat, Kumari Neelam and Vijay K. Tiwari

Comparison of Conventional Backcross Breeding with Targeted Marker-Assisted Background Selection Based Backcrossing

Jasdeep S, Mutti, Harpinder S. Randhawa and Kulvinder S. Gill

Carotenoid Accumulation During Grain Fill in Durum Wheat

A. Ramachandran, C.J. Pozniak and N.M. Clarke

Defining the Pleiotropic Nature of Heat Tolerance QTLs Controlling End Use Quality and Yield Stability During Reproductive Stage Heat Stress in Wheat (Triticum aestivum)

Francis Beecher, Esten Mason, Suchimita Mondal and Dirk B. Hays

Induced Mutation for Wheat Quality Improvement

E. Botticella, F. Sestilli, D. Panichi, F. Paoletti, A. Phillips, Z. Bedo and D. Lafiandra

Silencing of Branching Enzxymes Ila Leads to High Amylose Content in Durum Wheat Seeds

F. Sestilli, M. Janni, E. Botticella, F. Paoletti, R. D’Ovidio and D. Lafiandra

A Study for the Identification of Transcript Derived Fragments (TDFs) from Aegilops Tauschii Genotypes in Response to Salt Stress

Aysen Yumurtaci, Fahriye Ertugrul and Ahu Altinkut Uncuoglu

Association Mapping of Semolina Yield in Diverse Durum Wheat Germplasm

F.R. Clarke, C.J. Pozniak. J.M. Clarke, J.E. Dexter, R.E. Knox, T.N. McCaig and A.K. Singh

Milling Properties of a Durum Doubled Haploid Population

J.M. Clarke, J. E. Dexter, F.R. Clarke, R.E. Knox, C.J. Pozniak and A.K. Singh

Characterization, Evaluation and Genetic Diversity Analysis of a Set of Landraces of Wheat from High Himalayan Hills of Uttarakhand

Vijay Kumar Tiwari, Kumari Neelam, Nidhi Rawat, Jitender Dahiya, Rahul Kumar, K.V. Bhat, Gursharn Singh Randhawa and Harcharan Singh Dhaliwal

Validation of a Quantitative Trait Locus for Grain Protein Concentration in Durum Wheat

Y. Suprayogi, C.J. Pozniak, J.M. Clarke, F.R. Clarke, R.E. Knox and A.K. Singh

Development of a Co-dominant Marker for Grain Cadmium Concentration in Durum Wheat

K. Wiebe, C.J. Pozniak, J.M. Clarke and R.E. Know

Characterization of Cold Induced Transcripts in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Crown Tissues Using cDNA-AFLP Profiling

Pallavi Sharma, Seedhabadee Ganeshan, D. Brian Fowler and Ravindra N. Chibbar

Analysis of CBF Genes Expressed in Cold-hardy Winter Wheat

Parul Jain Monica Baga, D. Brian Fowler and Ravindra N. Chibbar

Antisense GBSSI Oligodeoxynucleotides Effectively Down Regulate GBSSI Gene Expression in Developing Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Endosperms

Jenna Drinkwater, Seedhabadee Ganeshan, Christer Jansson and Ravindra N. Chibba

Virus-induced Gene Silencing on Starch Synthesis Genes of Triticale (X Triticosecale Wittmack)

Dongwei Guo, Wei Liu, Michele Frick, Andre Laroche and Zhen Xiang Lu

Gene Expression in Triticale

Andre Laroche, Carolyn Penniket, Michele Frick, Bernie Genswein, Dallas Thomas, Byron Puchalski, Robert Graf, Brent Selinger, Laurian Robert, Therese Ouellet, Jas Singh and Denis A. Gaudet

Characterization of Simple Sequence Repeats in Canary Seed

Jingzhao Li, Monica Baga, Pierre Hucl Ravindra N. Chibbar
Publish Date: 2011
Format: 7" x 10" hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-891127-73-1
Pages: 662
Publication Weight: 4 lbs

Edited by Ravindra N. Chibbar and James E. Dexter

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