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Extensigraph Handbook
Extensigraph Handbook

Gain valuable insight and practical information about the Extensigraph and its uses.

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Improve your ability to accurately obtain and interpret Extensigraph information. Covers everything from the history of the Extensigraph and the function of its parts to key elements in physical dough testing. Also includes a trouble-shooting guide and an extensive bibliography.

The Extensigraph Handbook


The Brabender Extensigraph

Wolfgang Sietz, Salvatore F. Iaquez, and Vladimir F. Rasper

The Instrument
Schematic Wiring
Options for Computerized Measurements

Theoretical Aspects of the Extensigraph

A.H. Bloksma

Lever System
Area Under the Curve
Resistance at Constant Extension
Conversion of an Extensigram into a Stress-Strain Curve
Rate of Extension
Structural Activation, Relaxation, and Recovery

Applications of the Extensigraph

K.R. Preston and R.C. Hoseney

Extensigraph Procedures
Flour Quality
Ingredient Effects
Processing Effects

Special Uses of the Extensigraph

V.F. Rasper

Extensigraphy of Fermented Doughs
Structural Relaxation
Extensigraphy in Fundamental Studies

Maintenance of the Extensigraph

Wolfgang Sietz and Salvatore F. Iaquez

Adjusting the Mechanical Parts
Cleaning the Mechanical Parts
Temperature Control
Humidity Control

Calibration and Troubleshooting

Wolfgang Sietz


Extensigraph Procedures of the AACC and ICC
Literature Cited
Author Index
Subject Index
Publish Date: 1991
Format: 8.5” × 11” softcover
ISBN: 978-0-913250-72-3
Pages: 50
Images: 60 images
Publication Weight: 1 lbs

Edited by Vladimir F. Rasper and Ken R. Preston

The Extensigraph Handbook

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