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Beer Packaging, Second Edition
Beer Packaging, Second Edition

The Most Comprehensive Book on Beer Packaging Ever Written

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Packaging is the most expensive aspect of brewing, representing up to two thirds of the cost of beer production. It is also one of the least forgiving steps in the brewing process.

A perfect batch of beer can be ruined in nanoseconds by microorganisms on your nozzles or too much oxygen making its way into your bottles or cans. Foreign objects, like glass, can get into your product…and to your consumers. Too little glue on your boxes can send your product (and profit) crashing to the ground.

Brewers have a lot invested in their packaging process, and nothing less than reputations and profitability are at stake. An up-to-date, comprehensive book on the topic has been long overdue. And with all the changes and innovations in packaging that have taken place in the past 20 years, no such book has been written…until now.

Enter Beer Packaging, Second Edition, the first comprehensive book on the beer packaging process since the early 1980s. This thorough, one-of-a-kind guide and reference represents the many new innovations and best practices developed since MBAA published the best-selling first edition. It is a must-have resource for all of today’s brewers up and down the production line, and includes perspectives for both the small craft brewers and those managing small scale pilot runs for large breweries averaging more than 10 million barrels per year.

Beer Packaging, Second Edition guides users around the many potential pitfalls of packaging, particularly those that can affect your current or future customers, and ultimately your profit margins. It covers the beer packaging process from the tank to containers, to filling and boxing, and everything in between, including…

  • Packaging Line Design, Control, and Instrumentation
  • Environmental Management of Brewery Operations
  • Packaging Line Project Management
  • Basic Principles and Operation of a Bottle Washer
  • Small-Scale Canning Lines
  • Flash and Tunnel Pasteurization
  • Bottle Filling and Crowning
  • Cans and Seaming
  • Container and Product Movement
  • Keg Line Operations
  • Brewery Case Palletizing

This book is formatted in a way that is easy to understand. Each facet of packaging is broken down so that any person in the brewery can become familiar with each step in the process. In addition, case history experiences from expert contributors give the reader knowledge for real-life situations, while technical features by industry experts cover both the fundamentals and details for each subject.

Beer Packaging, Second Edition is an excellent “go-to” manual for those working in beer packaging. It is a highly useful reference for beer packaging professionals already on the job and for those planning to build or expand their operations.

The book is also ideal for brewers and brewing managers, brewery engineers, materials and equipment suppliers, as well as brewing program instructors and their students.

Those who own and use books from MBAA’s Practical Brewer Handbook series will also find this book useful.

Beer Packaging, Second Edition

Chapter 1

The Importance of Beer Packaging, Packaging Line Systems, and Personnel Management

Stephen Bates and Jaime Jurado

Chapter 2

Packaging Line Project Management

Beth Partleton

Chapter 3

Environmental Management of Brewery Operations

Becky Francisco

Chapter 4

Packaging Line Design, Control, and Instrumentation

Robert Seaman

Chapter 5

Canning Operations

William J. Forsythe

Chapter 6

Can Filling in the Brewery

Randy Dillman

Chapter 7

Double-Seam Technology

William J. Forsythe

Chapter 8

Glass Bottle Manufacturing

Dave Wendt

Chapter 9

Basic Principles and Operation of a Bottle Washer

Carlos Alarcon

Chapter 10

PET Bottles for Beer Packaging

Frank W. Embs

Chapter 11

Small Bottling Lines

Dave Meheen

Chapter 12

Small-Scale Canning Lines

James Gordon

Chapter 13

Bottle Filling and Crowning

Barry Fenske and W. G. Spargo

Chapter 14

Cans and Seaming

James F. Everett, Daniel Malo, and Juan Carlos Gomez

Chapter 15

Flash Pasteurization: Theory and Practice

Jeff Gunn

Chapter 16

Tunnel Pasteurization

C. Alarcon and J. R. Wilson

Chapter 17

Pasteurizer Water Treatment

Jack L. Bland, Thomas J. Soukup, and Rick Brundage

Chapter 18


Mark Glendenning

Chapter 19

Labeler Operations

Frank Kaczmarski

Chapter 20

Modern Package Coding Technologies

Brian Burke

Chapter 21

Paperboard Manufacturing and Multipack Production

Graham Hand

Chapter 22

Container and Product Movement

Chuck McGrady

Chapter 23

Brewery Case Palletizing

Frank Pelligrino and Earl Wohlrab

Chapter 24

Keg Line Operations

Andy Brewer

Chapter 25

Brewery and Packaging Hall Cleaning and Sanitizing

George Agius

Chapter 26

Final Beer Filtration for Microbiological Stability

Ron Johnson and David Schleef

Chapter 27

Packaging Quality Assurance

Peter Takacs and Jeff Edgerton

Chapter 28

Inspection Equipment in the Brewing Industry

Jeff DeVoy

Chapter 29

Packaging Materials and Beer Quality

Phillip D. Israel

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Educators outside the U.S.—Purchase the book online now and if you choose to adopt the book for class, e-mail or mail a photocopy of your bookstore order or bookstore requisition form for 10 or more copies of the textbook and ask Cereals & Grains Association to provide a refund for the book. If you decide not to adopt the book for your class and you do not wish to keep the book for your personal use, simply return the book with a copy of your invoice within 60-days of the order date and write cancel on the invoice. You will receive a refund for the price of the book.

Contact Cereals & Grains Association Customer Care to request a 60-day examination copy.

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Publish Date: 2014
Format: 8.5" x 11" hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-9787726-7-3
Pages: 480
Images: 466 color images; 60 black and white images
Publication Weight: 4 lbs

Edited by Ray Klimovitz and Karl Ockert

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