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Sprouted Grains: Nutritional Value, Production...
Sprouted Grains: Nutritional Value, Production...

  • Presents the nutrient and bioactive components of these healthy grains

  • Provides extensive coverage of products developed from sprouted grains

  • Covers the equipment and technology used in grain processing

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Sprouted Grains: Nutritional Value, Production, and Applications is a complete and comprehensive overview of sprouted grains, with coverage from grain to product. The book is divided into four main sections on the process of grain germination from both genetic and physiological perspectives, the nutrients and bioactive compounds in spouted grains, the equipment and technical innovations associated with sprouted grains, and products created from sprouted grains.

Sprouted Grains brings together the world’s leading researchers from both academia and industry. This title is essential reading for cereal science academics and postgraduate students interested in cereal processing. It is also ideal for food product developers in the snack and health food areas.

Sprouted Grains: Nutritional Value, Production, and Applications

Section I: Germination and Sprouted Grains

1. Molecular mechanisms of seed germination

Section II: Nutrients and Bioactive Components in Sprouted Grains

2. Bioactive compounds in sprouted grains
3. GABA: A bioactive compound in foods
4. Antioxidant capacity of sprouted grains
5. Phenols contents in sprouted grains

Section III: Equipment and Technological Innovation

6. Processing of germinated grains
7. Microbial safety of sprouted seeds
8. Controlled germination for enhancing the nutritional value of sprouted grains

Section IV: Sprouted Grain Products

9. Sprouted grains as a food ingredient
10. Sprouted grains based non-fermented products
11. Sprouted grains based fermented products
12. High GABA sprouted rice products

Publish Date: 2018
Format: 6" x 9" softcover
ISBN: 978-0-12-811-525-1
Pages: 329
Publication Weight: 3 lbs

Edited by Hao Feng, Boris Nemzer, and Jonathan W. DeVries

Sprouted Grains: Nutritional Value, Production, and Applications

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