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"This book is jam-packed with up-to-date facts and practical information."
—International Food Research


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Colorants is a complete, hands-on reference for anyone using colorants and their applications to enhance the visual quality of products. It covers Adulteration of Foods; Appreciation of Color; Measurement of Color; Interpretation of Data; Regulation of Colorants; FD&C Colorants; Carotenoids; Anthocyanins and Betalains; Chlorophylls, Haems, Phycobilins, and Anthraquinones; Turmeric, Carthamin, and Monascus; Caramel, Brown Polyphenols, and Iridoids; Miscellaneous Colorants; Baked Goods, Cereals, and Pet Foods; Beverages and Dairy Products; Confections; Special Topics; and Future Prospects.

Colorants is part of the Ingredient Handbook Series. Each of the 11 books in the series combines a user-friendly format with expert guidance. Handbooks in this series are designed to meet the needs of professionals in many areas of the food industry. Each title focuses on an ingredient or application, giving information that is currently unavailable in a single source and presenting its subject in straightforward language.   

The 11 books in the Ingredient Handbook Series are valuable reference tools for a wide range of professionals, including: 

  • New Product Developers
  • Quality Assurance Staff
  • Purchasing Agents
  • Production Personnel
  • Plant Managers and Supervisors
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Suppliers
  • Technical Sales Representatives
  • Engineers
  • Food Scientists

Colorants Handbook


Measurement of color

Interpretation of data

Regulation of colorants

FD&C colorants


Anthocyanins and betalains

Chlorophylls, haems, phycobilins, and anthraquinones

Turmeric, carthamin, and monascus

Caramel, brown polyphenols, and iridoids

Miscellaneous colorants

Baked goods, cereals, and pet foods

Beverages and dairy products


Special topics

"This book is jam-packed with up-to-date facts and practical information"
—International Food Research
Publish Date: 1998
Format: 8" x 10" softcover
ISBN: 978-1-891127-00-7
Pages: 144
Publication Weight: 1 lbs

By F. J. Francis

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