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Managing Stored Grain to Preserve Quality and Value
Managing Stored Grain to Preserve Quality and Value

"I strongly recommend this book to all persons concerned with raw processed plant grains and to agricultural and food industry libraries."
—Journal of Plant Protection Research

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This unique book is written specifically for those in grain operations and addresses the full range of topics related to maintaining the quality of grain stored on the commercial scale. It demonstrates how science-based information can be incorporated into grain storage operations to increase efficiency and decrease the risk of grain deterioration. Written in layman’s language, it is comprehensible to every reader regardless of academic background.

The focus of the book reflects the author’s many years of research experience in farm bins and grain elevators, in addition to his extensive contact with grain operations’ professionals, both on the job and in the more than one hundred storage meetings he has conducted. The text was reviewed by grain industry leaders to ensure that it speaks to the information needs of real grain handlers and by leading scientists to ensure the accuracy of the information.

This book will not duplicate any book on your shelf -- it does not merely summarize the information already available to grain operations personnel. Rather, the text guides the reader to the existing publications before proceeding to information not available elsewhere. Topics covered include: grain quality factors and terminology; grain insects and molds; physical processes affecting stored grain; grain sampling and monitoring; sanitation in grain elevators; aeration management; grain dryer management; and bulk grain fumigation.

This resource will be of use to grain handlers, grain storage managers, grain elevator managers, bulk handlers, and grain merchandisers. It will also be an excellent teaching tool for courses in Agricultural Systems Management, Transport and Distribution - Grain Handling, Grain Processing, Feed Manufacturing, Grain Drying & Storage Systems, Grain Storage, Flour Milling, Applied Entomology, Applied Mycology, and related areas of study.

Managing Stored Grain to Preserve Quality and Value


Grain Quality Factors

Grain Value
Grain Uses and Value
Grain Structure and Nutritional Quality
Evaluating Grain Quality

Physical Processes in Grain Storage

Handling Equipment
Storage Bins
Weight Distribution in Grain Masses
Flow Patterns
Segregation by Particle Size
Mechanical Damage
Grain Moisture
Air Currents

Insects of Stored Grain

Insect Identification
Life Requirements and Capabilities
Anatomy of An Infestation

Grain Molds

Types of Grain Molds
Characteristics and Requirements of Storage Molds
Kernel Infection and Damage
Mold Infection in Market Grain
Effect of Storage Molds on the Nutritional Value of Grain
Detecting Mold Growth in Commercial Storage
Controlling Grain Mold

Monitoring for Grain Quality, Grain Condition, and Pests

Grain Sampling
Laboratory Equipment for Grain Grading
Principles of Sampling and Sample Analysis
Monitoring of Grain Temperature
In-Place Grain Sampling for Quality Monitoring

Sanitation in Grain Storage

Sanitation for Purposes of Safety
Sanitation to Control Grain Contamination
Sanitation for Pest Control


Objectives and Benefits
Aeration Hardware
Common Aeration Systems in Elevator Bins
Characteristics of Air Under Pressure
Quotes for New Aeration Hardware
How a Cooling Front Forms
Cooling Time and Fan Management
Understanding the Physical Processes Of Grain Cooling
Use of Aeration Systems as Grain Dryers
Efficient Cooling Strategies

Grain Drying Strategies

Grain Drying Hardware
Drying Basics
Visualizing the Drying Process
The Drying Plan
Unconventional Drying Techniques

Grain Fumigation

Pesticide Regulation
Contact Insecticides


"I strongly recommend this book to all persons concerned with raw processed plant grains and to agricultural and food industry libraries."
—Journal of Plant Protection Research

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Publish Date: 2006
Format: 8” ×10” softcover
ISBN: 978-1-891127-47-2
Pages: 243
Images: 78 images
Publication Weight: 4 lbs

By Carl R. Reed

Managing Stored Grain to Preserve Quality and Value

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