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Chemical Leavening Basics
Chemical Leavening Basics


Chemical Leavening Basics is a concise, easy to use reference to help readers understand chemical leavening components, uses, assessments in products, and methods for testing.

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Chemical leavening ingredients and systems can make a big difference in the quality, texture, structure, flavor, and other aspects of baked goods.

Chemical Leavening Basics is a concise, easy to use reference to help readers understand chemical leavening, its components and uses, assessments in products, and methods for testing.

This technical guidebook was developed to be a go-to resource full of information about chemical leaveners as they are used in commercial food processing today. It helps the food professionals understand each of the individual components used in baking powder, why to use them, where to use them, when to use them, and their importance.

It also offers an overview of…

  • Bicarbonate and acid sources
  • The formulation and evaluation of chemical leavening systems
  • Methods for testing
  • And more

Chemical Leavening Basics is ideal for product developers, bakers, ingredient suppliers, technical service production personnel, quality assurance staff, mix manufacturers, or anyone else using baking powders or chemical leaveners. This highly useful and practical reference is also an ideal supplementary textbook for baking courses.

Chemical Leavening Basics was produced by the AACC International Chemical Leavening Agents Technical Committee, whose members have several decades of experience and are among the world’s top experts on the subject. Each chapter author has extensive experience with their respective ingredients and are considered leaders of the food science industry and academia.

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Chemical Leavening Basics

An Introduction to Chemical Leavening—History and Development

Michelle Briggs


Robert Berube

Acid Sources

Sharon Book and Nita Livvix

Using Neutralizing Value to Pair Bicarbonates and Leavening Acids

Robert Berube

Chittick Method and Other Methodologies

EB Russell

Understanding Baking Powder

Michelle Briggs

Formulating and Evaluating Chemical Leavening Systems

Laurie Scheffers

Publish Date: 2018
Format: 8" x 10" softcover
ISBN: 978-1-891127-94-6
Pages: 84
Images: 12 images
Publication Weight: 1 lbs

Edited by E.B. Russell

Chemical Leavening Basics

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