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(ePub File) Brewing Intensification
(ePub File) Brewing Intensification
This book discusses the concept of lean manufacturing as it is applied to brewing and distilling.

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Learn to Apply the Concepts of Lean Manufacturing to Brewing and Distilling

Like many in manufacturing-based industries, economic pressures are forcing craft brewers to produce beer with leaner, more efficient, and cost-effective techniques. These techniques have helped breweries increase their raw material production efficiency, increase beer volume per unit time, and reduce brewing time. This form of leaner manufacturing is called “brewing intensification.”

Brewing Intensification is the latest book written by renowned brewing scientist Graham G. Stewart, and it ultimately can help brewers achieve leaner manufacturing and, in turn, save on production costs.

The book discusses the concept of lean manufacturing as it is applied to brewing and distilling. It also covers intensification of all aspects of the brewing process. Coverage includes the intensification of:

  • Brewing operations
  • Wort composition
  • Yeast
  • Fermentation
  • Maturation

Because intensification brings significant change to the brewing process, the book’s final chapter outlines training guidelines to help brewers and operators implement and keep up with intensification trends in both brewing and distilling.

Brewing Intensification is a must-read for any brewery looking to save on costs and while improving volume in their brewing processes. It should also be on the assigned reading list of any student in the brewing industry, from the novice, casual distance learner to master brewer candidates and everyone in between.

Brewing Intensification ePUB File


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: High-Gravity Brewing

Chapter 3: Brewhouse Operations

Chapter 4: Wort Composition, Yeast, and Fermentation

Chapter 5: Maturation

Chapter 6: Education and Training of Brewers and Support Staff



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Publish Date: 2014
Format: ePUB File
ISBN: 978-1-881696-47-6
Pages: 108

By Graham G. Stewart

Brewing Intensification ePUB File

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